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Hassle-free WordPress Migrations by the Experts

We will handle your site with care and provide a preview of the migration before any changes are made. Lebcloud offers Unlimited Free WordPress Migrations from any hosting provider.

Step 1

Create your account
It takes just a few minutes we promise. If you already have an account with us just skip this step.

Step 2

submit your request
Submit your free migration request by submitting a ticket under migrations department.

Step 3

migration complete
Your site will be migrated with the help of our expert team keeping you updated.
Effortless Process
Nervous about change? Don’t be! Moving a site is much easier than you think. In fact, we guarantee that we can move your site in it’s exact condition.
Immediate Benefits
You will see an immediate improvement on performance and security. The best part? There are no configuration changes or plugins required!


What kind of access do you need to migrate?
Typically we can migrate a site with a WP-Admin login, but for larger sites we may need access to (S)FTP and control panel access.
Is it really free ?
Yes! We offer FREE WordPress Migrations for all our customers from any hosting provider.
Will my site go down during the migration?
No, your site will remain online during the migration. We will move your site to our platform and provide you with a temporary URL to preview your migrated site. After that we will update the DNS.
How long will a migration take?
This all depends on the size of your site. Smaller sites are typically migrated in just a few minutes, while large websites can take a few hours.